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Barry Gorman Officially Out at FC Dallas

What was first reported by 3rd Degree about a month ago has now been confirmed as Barry Gorman has been officially relieved of his duties with FC Dallas.

According to the story on the FC Dallas website, the team is actively searching for a new technical director and will likely be looking to someone with a wealth of MLS experience rather than someone from the college game.

“Barry Gorman is a great person and did some solid work for FC Dallas while he was here,” club president and CEO Doug Quinn told on Friday. “However, when it came time to look at where we wanted to take this position, we all decided that we could become stronger in some specific areas and needed to look at a number of candidates with different skills.”

Gorman's time at FCD has been discussed ad nauseum around here so I just wanted to mention how well liked Gorman was among the media and fans while wishing him all the best in the future. The man was always available for a chat and showed up at many different FCD functions.

According to the story, Schellas Hyndman, Doug Quinn as well as Clark and Dan Hunt will handle all personnel decisions.