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Marvin Chavez Traded To San Jose

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In a shocking turn of events, FC Dallas has traded Honduran midfielder Marvin Chavez to the San Jose Earthquakes today in exchange for allocation money.

This move will come as a shock to nearly everyone who watched FC Dallas over the last couple years. Chavez played in 58 games since coming over in 2009 from Marathon on loan. He scored eight goals in his time in Dallas.

(Read on for instant reaction on the deal from both myself and Daniel)

What this all likely means is Jackson Goncalves is going to be the man at the top of the right-mid depth chart for 2012. Snagging the allocation - whatever that number is - means the club has a forward target in mind. However big that target may be will be determined soon enough.

This move feels similar to the Health Pearce deal last winter for allocation money to help sign Fabian Castillo. This doesn't mean that the club is signing another Designated Player here but it could mean they have a guy in mind that will cost them a pretty penny or two.

Losing Chavez - a guy that was a solid work horse in 2011 - is a big blow though to the club.

Daniel -

I think Drew pretty much nailed it. Jackson is the man at right mid going forward for FCD. If there was one spot on the field where Dallas had two starting quality players, it was right midfield so from that point of view trading from a strength to presumably get the cash to afford a starting quality player is not a huge shock.

The fact that Marvin Chavez, a player who was squarely on the Schellas Hyndman bus, has been traded is a big surprise though. Chavez did all the hard work on both sides of the ball that the gaffer loved and has become really comfortable as the starting right midfielder while subbing at forward to mixed reviews. Chavez was second on FCD in goals in 2011 with 6 and played the 6th most minutes of anyone on the squad.

As Drew says, this move likely means Schellas has found his guy at forward, whether he's going to come from another team within the league or internationally. Losing Chavez to a conference foe is tough to swallow, but we must wait for the other domino to drop before judging it. If the pressure wasn't hugely on the FCD brain trust to find a forward before, it certainly is now.

What are your thoughts on the move? Will you miss the little mosquito?