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Scouting the Re-Entry Draft: 5 names for FC Dallas

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Before reading this, make sure you've read our Re-Entry Draft introduction to make sure you understand the Re-Entry Draft completely. To see a full list of the players available to FCD this upcoming Monday in phase 1 and next Monday in phase 2 click here.

Before we start, something to keep in mind is that there's a reason why all these players are being made available. In a salary cap driven league like MLS, a player's worth to the team is measured by what he does on the field relative to the amount he gets paid. There's generally not some secret about a player released to this draft, if their team isn't willing to pay to keep them they are likely not a going to make a huge impact on whatever team they move to. However, FC Dallas has a starting XI for 2012 that's nearly written in ink minus the forward position. What Dallas needs is quality backups and there is plenty of that available.

With that in mind, Dallas can look to this Re-Entry Draft to possibly find some of the defensive depth they need and possibly an offensive spark to bring off the bench. Let's take a look at a few names that could pique Schellas Hyndman's interest in no particular order.

Clyde Simms

Simms is a guy that has spent his entire career with DC United and is a bit of a legend for the club. At $179,000 he's quite pricey, but if you could renegotiate and get that closer to $140k, he could be a guy with a lot of value. A 100% defensive midfielder, Simms could be useful to a Dallas team that absolutely has to find someone to take some of Daniel Hernandez's minutes in 2012. Simms would be a very high quality backup and a guy that could be great in a role starting 20 games in the midfield.

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Danleigh Borman

Borman was a piece sent to Toronto in the Dwayne DeRosario trade who started at left back and left mid for Toronto. His defending is not good from everything I've read, but in the time I've seen, he could be a useful backup at left mid. Schellas always seems to get the most out of his quick wingers and at a very low contract, Borman might not be a bad guy to take a flier on at a rock bottom price.

Ante Jazic

Jazic enjoyed his best season in MLS playing left back for Chivas USA in 2011 starting 28 games and leading his team with 7 assists. He turns 36 next season so that's an issue and his contract was $123,500, but with Jeremy Hall out of the picture, Jazic could be a nice veteran backup at outside back if Schellas doesn't feel like Moises Hernandez is ready. There is a lot of speculation that Jazic's contract could be re-negotiated with Chivas USA if he isn't selected in phase 1 of the draft.

Hunter Freeman

Forever known in Dallas as the guy that Dario Sala punched, Hunter started 22 games at outside back for Houston this season to mixed results. He's another guy that is kind of pricey at $160,000, but if you could snatch him in phase two and negotiate that number down some, it's a local kid who would be an above average backup at his position.

Kheli Dube

After finishing second in rookie of the year voting in 2008, Dube has struggled a bit on some awful Revolution teams. While he hasn't lit up the nets in the past couple of years, he's a big, strong forward that would be a change of pace option. I'd be curious to see how he would fit in with a Dallas offense that has a lot of threats in the midfield. His contract number was nearly $100,000 in 2011.


Truth be told, there's just not a lot of talent here to work with. The best options, in my opinion, are at outside back where Dallas could get some decent backups. Other than that, I think these two drafts could pass by quietly for a Dallas team led by Schellas Hyndman, a guy who can be very picky on players he brings in from other teams around the league.

Is there anyone from the list I didn't mention here that you think Dallas could take a look at?