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Jeremy Hall Traded to Toronto FC for MLS Superdraft pick

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This afternoon, FC Dallas traded outside back Jeremy Hall to Toronto FC in exchange for a 2013 2nd round MLS Superdraft selection. Hall, brought to FCD in exchange for Eric Alexander in mid-August and proceeded to struggle at both left back and right back in both MLS and Concacaf Champions League. 

Hall is a player with a ton of potential, but never seemed to put it together in Dallas and Schellas is cutting the cord on this one. 

Unfortunately, it's not exactly difficult to see why Barry Gorman has been let go as technical director as Dallas has proceeded to trade Alexander, a versatile midfielder with a tiny contract, for a 2nd round 2013 MLS Draft pick which amounts to basically nothing to a Dallas roster that will be chocked full of homegrowns. While the trade was not 100% panned at the time, the reasoning behind it becomes a headscratcher when you look at the salaries...Hall at around $80,000 higher of a cap hit than Alexander, at a position, outside back, that is traditionally one of the low cap-hit spots.

The trade of Hall to Toronto has to be seen as a salary dump as he was on the hook for $129,000 in 2011. With the re-entry draft upcoming, it was possible that Hall would get selected as we discussed yesterday, so this move isn't a bad deal if you consider that getting a draft pick is better than losing him for nothing. It is the deal of Hall for Eric Alexander that now comes under much more scrutiny. 

Perhaps the best aspect of this trade is it opens up a spot for homegrown left back Moises Hernandez to step into as the backup to Jair Benitez. I suspect there will be more moves to go down as we get closer to the re-entry draft. 

What do you think of this move?