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10 Moments That Shaped FC Dallas in 2011: #10 Maicon Santos Trade

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10 Moments that shaped FC Dallas in 2011 is another feature on the blog for the next week or so. I picked 10 games/trades/injuries that shaped this season. We start the countdown at #10...enjoy.

On August 2, Eric Avila, a player who showed enormous potential but could never quite put it together for an extended period was traded to Toronto FC in exchange for Maicon Santos, a player we all hoped would finally give Dallas that target forward they needed so bad. 

It was a move that was generally thought of as a success at the time, at least judging from the comments left by many of you on the story. It's very interesting to go back and read what we all thought of the trade a few months ago. 

Timothy Winning Voyles said:

I think we fans are going to have to learn Portuguese just to cheer our squad on lol. I like this move. Nothing against Chavez, he has handled the top spot fine for what he brings to the table, speed and good work rate. Now we’ve got a big guy who is apparently a bit selfish on the ball; isn’t the selfish part the iconic adjective used for all strikers? At 27, he could be our target guy up front for a few years to come, should he work well in the system FCD plays. Alas, so much for going after Cooper as many people wanted. Adding Maicon and soon to return Castillo, plus a pending return for Dahvee; we look very good and have depth.

While jyj said: 

Depending on his mindset, this guy appears to have the tools to flourish in the offense.

It will be interesting to see if he is handed the starting striker role and, if so, what happens to Jax and Chavez. One of them would figure to stay central with DH and AJ, but not sure Chavez has the consistent first touch to operate in tight quarters and not sure Jax has temperament to play central without accumulating a lot of cards. Of course, always nice to have the option to rest one of the three (or bring off the bench when needed) – Brek, Jax, Chavez – and let DH/AJ/EA man the middle behind the new striker.

Sad to see Avila go, but he was regressing as a player and is too good to ride the pine waiting to play in a system where he was never going to be a 90-minute guy. I hope he becomes the creative force that TFC is lacking and goes on to much success (except for against us).

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Unfortunately, the move didn't quite work out the way many of us had hoped. Through the last 6 weeks of the season, Dallas really missed the spark that Avila would bring off the bench while Maicon Santos struggled to gel into the Dallas offense eventually getting benched in favor of starting Jackson at forward in the playoff game. 

I'm not ready to give up on Santos, not by a long shot, as I believe he can still play a big part in this team after having a full pre-season to gel with the squad. Right now, however, I think it is tough to call this trade a success, though time will tell.