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Time To Part Ways With Some Players?

Someone could be an odd-man out here in the next couple of weeks.  (Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images)
Someone could be an odd-man out here in the next couple of weeks. (Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The off-season is always a fun mess of who's staying and who's going. I won't get into anything like that today as we all know the transfer rumors won't really kick off for some FC Dallas players until after Christmas. I will get into a little post of guys I think the club does need to part from for the 2012 season. 

For the most part, I view Dallas has a club that has the youth in place that could make a serious impact in 2012. So with that kind of talent waiting in the wings, some folks will have to go to make room for the changes that are likely to happen this winter.

With the Re-Entry Draft and Waiver Drafts coming up, here are some players I think that could be apart of them.

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Edson Edward - It was a nice story but injuries wrecked his 2011 season. More than likely he would have been way down on the depth charts had he even been healthy enough to go this season. I still believe in a way his injury was the only thing that kept him on the roster. Hopefully he'll go down to a USL or NASL club and get the proper playing time that he needs to develop here.

Josh Lambo - Another young player that really hasn't shown us a thing. Being a Generation adidas player has probably kept him on the roster longer than had he not had that tag next to his roster spot. He's another guy that needs consistent playing time but with Kevin Hartman, Chris Seitz and Richard Sanchez all in the same position as him, he's just not going to get it here in Dallas. 

Maykel Galindo - It was a fun story while it lasted, right? Honestly, the club shouldn't have signed him if they knew he wasn't going to play a whole lot. The injury issues were pretty obvious with him even before he was signed and they continued to be as the season went on. Thankfully this experiment only costed the club a roster spot in 2011, nothing more. 

Daniel Cruz - Maybe Houston knew all along what they'd get with him. He didn't set the world on fire here in Dallas and really never caught up to the speed of the game here in MLS. Maybe a full pre-season under his belt with the club would help but I don't see his place being too high on the depth charts for next season with the likes of David Ferreria coming back. Some may want to keep him but this is one of those moves that really didn't work out this year. 

Jeremy Hall - I think everyone has agreed, this Hall for Eric Alexander trade with Portland just did not work. It was a desperate move at the time when it looked as though George John was bolting Dallas for England but when that move fell apart, this one ended up being pretty bad. Looking back it was easy to say that Alexander was the odd man out in the midfield but I think a lot of folks would agree that the club could have used him down the stretch this season.