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10 Moments That Defined 2011: #5 Playoff Loss to NYRB

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Heading into the MLS playoffs, FC Dallas was in a state of major flux. They had already felt a crushing 3-0 CCL loss at home to knock them out of that competition, but two wins out of the last three MLS games indicated that things were possibly turning around. While Dallas had struggled in the last two months, it was still the same team on paper that had so much success in 2010 so you thought surely they could turn it around when the lights were on in the playoffs.

New York Red Bulls came into the 2011 MLS Playoffs as the most disappointing team in the league. Stars like Rafa Marquez and Thierry Henry could only manage to squeak New York into the 10th and final playoff spot. New York was just 2-5-10 on the road this year, though one of their two road wins had come in Frisco so this one looked to be pretty wide open.

The script of the game would end up going much like the last month of the season as Dallas would get more shots, corners, open play crosses and just about every other trackable stat but it was New York that walked out the victors 2-0.

#10: Maicon Santos Trade

#9: 1-0 win at Seattle

#8: 1-0 Open Cup loss to Seattle

#7: George John Transfer Saga

#6: Victory in the Rain against LA