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Barry Gorman Out as FC Dallas Technical Director

In not totally surprising news, Barry Gorman is out as FC Dallas Technical Director according to sources close to 3rd Degree. Gorman's time as head of FCD player moves will be seen as up and down, but in the end it was the moves that have happened after MLS Cup 2010 that has ended his time with FC Dallas.

On the flip side, it's always tough with a technical director to know exactly which moves were Gorman moves and which moves were Hyndman moves. The trades of Eric Alexander for Jeremy Hall and Eric Avila for Maicon Santos are looked at as failures right now, but who knows what kinds of contributions those players will make to FC Dallas after a full pre-season to gel into the team. After all, if we judged David Ferreira on the first 3 months he spent with FC Dallas, we would've never seen the 2010 MVP season. 

At the end of the day, however, Gorman, despite being hired in early 2010, never found that forward to play up top and his signing of Ricardo Villar as David Ferreira's backup has flopped pretty bad. The previously mentioned mid-season trades did nothing to help the tiring squad while the mishandling of the 2010 expansion draft is something I've discussed in the past

I wish the best for Barry who was an extremely nice guy that was always up for a chat with fans and media. I'll certainly miss him around practice and it remains to be seen whether Schellas will take over player personnel moves again or if someone will be brought in.