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FC Dallas Falls to San Jose 4-2

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Tonight FC Dallas sent a mix of starters and reserves to San Jose for a game that, had they won, would have clinched the #3 seed in the West and a likely Champions League spot. They didn't win, in fact FCD was down 4-0 before scoring two goals to bring the final scoreline to 4-2. 

A few bright spots from this one are Ruben Luna's first MLS goal, Victor Ulloa's professional debut and Richard Sanchez making the bench for his first MLS game. There's not a whole lot else to take from this one. 

Dallas is the #4 seed and will play either New York or Houston in the wild card round on Wednesday. FCD will play Houston if they lose to Los Angeles tomorrow and will face New York if any other result happens. Should they win that game, FCD will take on Sporting Kansas City in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

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ON GAME PLAN: “We were looking to sneak a win on the counter-attack. I thought we had a couple of break through balls, but couldn’t get on the end of them. We had a couple of guys out there playing their first game, so it was a challenge, but I really liked our effort in the second half.” 
ON QUAKES’ FIRST HALF FLURRY: “We made some huge mistakes, back-to-back. We turned the ball over in dangerous spots and committed a penalty when the ball was off on the side, but I’m pleased that we came back and got a goal.” 
ON DIFFERENCE IN SECOND HALF: “I thought that we picked it up in the second half and deserved to score a couple of goals. The guys really wanted to go after it. I told them that we can do it, but that we really need to be in it all together.”  

ON WONDOLOWSKI PENALTY KICK: “I figured he’d hit it with pace, given the type of player he is, as he hits everything hard. I thought he would go to that side and was able to get a hand on it, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to keep it out. It was disappointing, because you do the work to get there, but hats off to him, because he hit it well.” 
ON DENYING ‘WONDO’ HIS 2ND CONSECUTIVE GOLDEN BOOT WITH BIG SAVES: “I didn’t know that. In all honesty, I don’t look at it that way. I look at it as us coming out in the second half and trying to put up a zero. We were going to do whatever it took to achieve that, and as a whole we played a lot better. We tried to shut him down and not give them as many chances.”

 On the match:
“It’s nice to end [the season] with a win. Scoring four goals at home is always very pleasurable. We took our chances tonight, and Simon (Dawkins) getting two goals was terrific and we well deserved the win. We had better chances in the second half than they did and they were pushing against us. What I liked about our play was our pressure in midfield, we won the ball a lot and it springboarded us to go forward. We had some good play and I thought Steve Beitashour handled (Fabian) Castillo fantastically well. All in all, a terrific performance.”
 On Simon Dawkins:
“I hope we get him back. I said to him the reason I took him off at the end was so he could get the applause from the crowd because I think they saw a player that’s committed to this team no matter what. He wants to do well in his career and he wants to play well for us. I thought he played terrific tonight to get two goals, and his general play is very good. We’re hoping we can have him back next year.”
 On Chris Wondolowski’s quest for the Golden Boot:
“It’s a shame. On another night where he had five pretty good chances to score and to only get one (from the penalty) it was not like Wondo, so I felt for him. But another great season from him. I had said to [the team] if they had a chance to find Wondo, not to ruin their own chances, but try to pick him out. Everyone was hoping and praying that he did get that goal to win the scoring title.”
 On the final game of the season:
“I love our guys. I thought we played really well. To score four goals against a great team like Dallas means a lot. We built a lot of momentum and it was a great game. The atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was fired up and ready to go, so I appreciate that.”
 On tying Dwayne De Rosario for the Golden Boot:
“I can’t thank my teammates enough. Even though we were up 4-2, they were going like we were down because they knew I needed one. I can’t thank them enough-they’re always behind me. I really appreciate it. You don’t see me dribbling around guys and scoring, so I appreciate my teammates setting me up with such great chances.”