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Wigan Eye George John

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Boy last night was fun wasn't it? Okay, enough sarcasm for the morning, time to move on. But first a brief return to the George John transfer saga. 

News out of England today report a new club that is interested in the big center back from FC Dallas

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Wigan boss Roberto Martinez could move for former Blackburn target George John in an attempt to sort out his defensive worries.

The Latics are second bottom of the Premier League and have conceded 14 goals in eight league matches.

As you all recall, the 24-year old defender was set to join Blackburn Rovers for £1.5million this summer, but then the Rovers signed Birmingham's Scott Dann instead - thus killing the John deal altogether in the final hours.

We had to figure that John would be a target of many European clubs this coming winter. In a way we should probably go a head and begin on a list of clubs interested in signing him. You have to wonder what Wigan Atheltic would offer if they are truly interested in him.