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Which Seed Is Really Better For FC Dallas?

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Like Daniel mentioned earlier, the seeding for this year's playoff race for FC Dallas is a total crapshoot at this point. The three in the Western Conference or the top wild card seed is what we are destined for.

But which spot is really the best for FC Dallas? Daniel likes the top wild card spot and in some way I can understand that seeing how the 10th place/4th wild card team could be any number of teams from the New York Red Bulls to the Portland Timbers (oddly enough it could be the Chicago Fire, DC United and maybe depending on tiebreakers the Houston Dynamo). Weird crazy scenarios if you ask me.

But in my opinion, I'm thinking the 3rd seed in the West is better. (Read on)

I get that playing the lowest wild card and then the Eastern Conference winner sounds like the way to go. I get that. You know FC Dallas can beat a New York, a Portland, a Houston, a DC, a Chicago at home in the wild card game. You also know that we can take care of business at home in the first leg against Sporting Kansas City, the Philadelphia Union or the Columbus Crew.

But for me, I'd rather have the Seattle Sounders and those extra couple days of rest. Consider the amount of games Dallas as already played this season, adding another Wednesday-Saturday kind of week to the mix is not ideal. By the end of this week, Dallas will have played a total of 46 games (MLS, CCL, USOC, and friendlies) since the First Kick back in March. Adding one more game to the mix would mean a lot.

Sure, you'd get two straight home games in that situation but after logging so many minutes this season between the US Open Cup, the CCL and the regular season - Dallas has put a lot of miles on their legs.

To me getting the three seed is very important. It is an automatic bid that means you don't have to deal with the potential chaotic system the wild cards could be. Yes it means you have to deal with Seattle and then potentially LA. The one less game means a lot at this stage in the season - getting the extra days to practice and rest are even more vital. Just remember last month and all the games played with fewer practices between games, it would nearly be like that to have an additional game put into the mix in the middle of next week.

Also let's look at how the playoffs can be a crapshoot anyways. Seattle has never won a playoff game before and we know just because LA was the Supporters' Shield winner this year and could end up with 70 points on the season that it doesn't necessarily mean they'll win the Western Conference finals at home.

Consider last season's playoffs when Dallas went to the MLS Cup - they were the three seed then.

Lastly, say Dallas gets the three seed but in the end loses to LA and the Galaxy go on to win MLS Cup. Dallas would be next in line for a CCL spot in 2011/12 (Seattle and LA already have spots, if one doubles the next spot would likely go to 3rd place team).

Just things to consider for this Saturday.