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FC Dallas Wins Second Game in a Row, Defeat Whitecaps 2-0

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After failing to score a league goal for a month, Dallas has 4 goals in 2 games, winning their second in a row in the regular season finale at Pizza Hut Park in 2-0 fashion over Vancouver Whitecaps. I didn't see the game, opportunities to see your team win the AL Pennant don't come along very often, but as I mentioned in the pre-game thread, I wanted a shutout from this one and Dallas delivered.

Tuesday against Toronto, a game with an enormous amount of pressure, will be the true litmus test on where this team is, but I'm extremely encouraged by the last few days. Brek Shea is scoring, the defense produced it's first shutout in awhile and things are suddenly looking up in Frisco. 

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FC Dallas Manager Schellas Hyndman

General thoughts on the game


“I thought their tactic was to sit back in level two and then try to go on the counterattack, which they caught us a couple of times on.  And our tactic was to penetrate with forward passes and get some flank play and try to use our speed and to keep progressing the ball.  I thought we were able to do that.  In the first half, we were giving the ball away a little bit too easily.  In the second half, I thought we did a much better job with that.  I think their guys got a little tired chasing.  I’m real pleased with the win, scoring two goals and getting a shutout. I thought it was a chippy game, but I thought we created some nice opportunities for ourselves and seemed to be playing with a little bit more confidence.”


Is the team back in their early season form?


“I think when you look at the number of games we’ve played this year and you look at all of the traveling we did and suspensions and injuries, I think it was very normal for us to kind of hit a wall.  When we hit the wall, it was when things were really starting to heat up in the month of September and October, because everybody is really positioning themselves to get into the playoffs.  We just didn’t have the energy.  The ball didn’t bounce right.  Things weren’t going well for us.  So I don’t think it’s abnormal for teams to hit that wall.  The thing I am really proud of the boys for is being able to recover at the right time.  We’re sitting now wit h 52 points, and we would have taken that in the beginning of the year.”

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd
General thoughts on the match:

“We came out strong and played well in the first half. We created some chances and put some pressure on them and were able to get a goal. In the second half, we came out with a lot of intensity and got another goal. From then on, I thought we did well with our organization defensively. We didn’t give up too many chances in the back. I thought tonight was an overall great effort.”

FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea

On how he felt tonight:

“I didn’t feel that good last month. Even though I played a lot of games and worked with the [U.S.] national team, I feel rejuvenated. I feel good again. I am happy about that.”

On his goal:

“People were fighting in the box and it kind of came right to me and I just put it on target.”

On the fans:

“We had a good crowd tonight. The fans were pretty loud. The fans were into it and they were able to see some pretty good soccer. Hopefully we can get a good playoff run going here and play well in front of them again.”

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Manager Tom Soehn


General thoughts on the game


“We’ve had a decent stretch, especially at home.  Today when we showed up, I felt like the soccer wasn’t there.  We held the pressure down quite well, created some counterattacks, but in the flow of the counterattack, we just gave up some bad balls.  We really caught them short-handed, so it was unfortunate that even their goal was against the run of play when we had the better chance.  That wasn’t just the first half.  I felt like it was the entire game.  A lot of credit goes to them. They were making it hard for us to play.”


On finishing the season without a road win


“We’re still looking for our first road win, so it’s disappointing that we finished without one.  But we still go back home, we’ve had a good stretch at home, great fan base and we want to give them something to be happy about.”


Vancouver Whitecaps FC Goalkeeper Joe Cannon


On the moments leading up to the first goal by FC Dallas midfielder Marvin Chavez

“I don’t really know what happened.  Up until that point, we were comfortable sitting in.  We weren’t giving them too much, and anytime you give Jackson and [Brek] Shea some space, I just think it kind of happened so quick.  Jay [DeMerit] kind of dove in, and next thing you know, he [Marvin Chavez] hit it pretty well to my left, so I’ll give him credit for that.  It’s disappointing, because up to that point, I thought we were very comfortable.”


On the importance of winning the team’s final game on Friday at home


“It’s very important to us. We’ve shown that we can put some good games there, and I think to end the season on a positive note is a must.  It’s a long week until then.  We’ve got to work hard and hopefully all of the guys will come out hungry like in the first game of the year.”


Vancouver Whitecaps FC Defender Jeb Brovsky


General thoughts on the game


I think obviously, Dallas was a step ahead of us in a lot of aspects of the game today.  It’s very disappointing to be honest.  I think we didn’t come out with the same foot forward as we did in BC Place the last two games, so it’s real disappointing.


On defending FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea for much of the game


I think it was a pretty good match.  In the second half, I gave him [Brek Shea] a little space and he got some crosses in on me.  So obviously I am going to work on that.  He’s a dynamic player, and I thought it was a good battle out there between us.