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Lots at Stake for FC Dallas on Wednesday

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Just a couple of months ago, what seemed like just another game on the schedule has become an enormous game for Dallas as they travel to Chi-town to take on the Fire in the Brimstone Cup decider. Let's take a look at what's at stake for Dallas this Wednesday evening. 

Setting the tone After a long weekend off for the squad, FCD returns to the practice field this morning in preparation for a game in Chicago that sets the tone for what is a game that sets the tone for an enormous 3 week stretch. We will learn on Wednesday whether the long weekend off recharged Dallas minds and bodies or if FCD remains mired in their funk. This isn't the most important game left on paper, but it just might be the most important in reality to give Dallas some confidence back. 

Playoff seeding FC Dallas is going to make the playoffs, but they need probably 4 more points to assure themselves of a 4th seed position. If Dallas loses to Chicago, they run the risk of losing the possibility of falling far enough to where they would play Los Angeles in a potential conference semi-final matchup, something that would likely end Dallas' season. 

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Brimstone Cup I don't care how long it's been since Chicago has won it, it's still important. It was something that was very important to Bobby and after losing the cannon, this is one way to salvage at least a little bit of hardware from the season. Chicago is actually still in the playoff race having taken 10 points from their last 5 games and could pull within 3 points of a playoff spot with a win on Wednesday.