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JR Eskilson's thoughts on the FC Dallas draft

The great NCAA Soccer guru JR Eskilson from has kindly provided his thoughts on our mock draft and who FC Dallas could be looking at for the one that actually matters a week from today. Be sure to head over to and read his mock draft. 


FC Dallas (Daniel Robertson) A-

Ashley McInnes (Tulsa), Tyler Lassiter (NC State)

Dallas are picking from the end of the first round and can take a chance with their selection. Robertson’s write-up gave sound logic to the McInnes selection because he fills a need on their roster. Schellas Hyndman will likely refine his game here or there to bring it up to MLS level, but the blueprint is there for a quality-attacking winger to get behind defenses.

It would be interesting to see Dallas take a chance on a player like Karl Reddick or Billy Cortes later in the draft who could compete with McInnes for that spot on the roster. Neither is as highly regarded as McInnes, but both have decent skill sets for Hyndman to shape into potential substitute players especially if either was available in the supplemental draft.

Lassiter is a pretty good center back to pick up late in the second round. He was consistent in his time with the Wolfpack of N.C. State playing against very tough competition in the ACC.

Bilal Duckett and Christian Ibeagha are two players who were not selected in this mock draft but I could see Dallas looking at in the later rounds if Lassiter does not fall to them in the second.