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Third Kits And FCD

D.C. United recently unveiled their third kit at the Washington Auto Show. It will be worn for at least one MLS home match, once or more on the road and a minimum of two times in non-league competition. The kit red to go with their home blacks and their road whites. Not bad if you ask me.

It got me thinking, does FC Dallas need a third kit? The home red stripes and the blue roadies are great but with the CONCACAF Champions League coming up this season the club could invest in a third kit for that competition similar to what the Seattle Sounders did a season ago with their "electric" yellow kits.

So if FCD does need a third kit, what should it look like too? In my mind going away from the traditional stripes may be an option similar to when the club had a third kit in honor of one of their foreign partnerships with Mexican side Tigres UNAL.

Or do they stick with the stripes and honor another partnership like Brazilian side Clube Atlético Paranaense? I know CAP does vertical stripes but that would kind of be cool as well.

What do you all think? Does FCD need a third kit and if so what colors would you like it to be?