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Monday Morning Quick Hits

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There's just nothing coming out of Frisco these days. The couple of weeks before and after Christmas are always a graveyard of MLS news.

Just speculation and scraps today plus some good non FCD related stuff

Benni McCarthy is considering a move to MLS. Probably doubtful that he would be headed to Dallas, but who knows? I could see him being pretty successful in the league but probably not worth a DP.

Jeff Cunningham is looking overseas. It's going to be pretty surprising to me if he doesn't end up back in MLS. I'd be very interested to see what kind of offer he is getting from Columbus. I just can't see how he doesn't try to come back next season and get the all-time goal record back. 

Toronto FC is finally getting around to hiring a manager and technical director. Paul Mariner should be a good hire, but the problem with TFC wasn't the coaching. Let's hope for Toronto's sake that MLSE takes a step back from trying to run things and lets these guys do their jobs. You might want to stay away from European washed up players.

Steve Davis discusses the high school soccer debate. He has a point with some of the stuff he says, but I disagree with him on a couple of things. I don't believe it's wrong for clubs to ask their players to refrain from playing in high school soccer. There should be club teams that allow it and clubs that don't, leaving it up to the players to decide. 

If you are serious about playing soccer at the professional level, you join FC Dallas or another Development Academy team that limits high school play. If you want a college scholarship, you have to decide what avenue is best for you. Most scholarships these days are given out to Development  Academy players on teams that mostly prohibit high school play. Can high school players get big D1 scholarships? Absolutely, it's up to each player to decide their best road for growth. 

Rogelio Funes Mori was banging in goals for Arlington High School in 2008 and now he's likely moving to Benfica for multi-millions. 

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Bulgarian football is corrupt. In other news, the sky is blue. 

Around SBN Soccer, Kevin McCauley is previewing the Mexican Clausura over the next few days.

Hot Time in Old Town saysMan United might be coming to Wrigley

RSL Soapbox pleads for Robin Fraser to not leave the Wasatch for Chivas USA


Draft stuff coming in not too long...