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Drew Epperley AKA WV Hooligan Joins Big D Soccer

Just pretend that guy in the middle is Drew.
Just pretend that guy in the middle is Drew.

While all is quiet around Frisco in terms of transfer news, Big D Soccer is extremely proud to announce we've depleted our entire transfer budget to splash the cash(yeah, right) on adding Drew Epperley, AKA WV Hooligan, to the blog. 

Drew has been the creator/editor/everything for WV Hooligan since 2007, and we couldn't be more happy to bring on someone with the skins on the wall that he has. While his blog focuses on more national soccer news, he is based right here in north Dallas and has a ton of expertise on FC Dallas including contacts all over the country. He'll be bringing us his views on FC Dallas as well as contributing to some of our pre/in/post-game stuff.

If you don't read his blog already(you're a bad soccer fan), head over and check it out. He's got a great article posted this morning on FC Dallas gaining respect around the league for their youth development.