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Tuesday Morning FC Dallas news and notes

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Sorry for the silence over the airwaves the last 48's been due to a lack of news/rise in the amount of work given to me that pays. Call this the calm before the storm as there's not only pre-season ramping up on Monday, but some other really cool stuff in the works here on the blog.


The main news centers around our FCD player performances in the US game vs Chile. I was about to catch the last hour or so of the game and I thought Loyd was clearly the best of the three FCD players. Playing out of position at left back, he did very admirably in his first cap and shows the grit and passion fans want to see. 

Here's the thing that really impressed me about Loyd...when a player makes his first cap it generally goes one of two ways. They are either extremely timid and afraid to make a mistake in turn simply being another warm body on the field that doesn't really do anything, or they can go the other route and try almost too hard to impress their will on the game making a ton of decisions rather than letting the game come to them. I felt like Loyd tried to take on his attacker every time and perhaps got caught out of position on a few occasions but you love the motor this guy has. 

Brek just isn't quite ready for the international level yet. At 20 years old, that's no big indictment of him or his game, the blonde bomber just needs some more time to develop. 

Eric Alexander didn't have enough time to really evaluate him, but it's an incredible story at all that he has a cap for the full national team after being drafted in the 3rd round....pretty cool for Anthony Wallace to get a cap as well. 

The Shin Guardian has a review of the game that has any information you could possibly want about the game, though can someone PLEASE tell them there's one L in Loyd. 

I had a fun time watching Zach Lloyd’s maturation last night. One thing any keeper loves is a defender who stands up their attacker. Lloyd was certainly too aggressive in this regard early in the game and at one point paid with a yellow card, but the entire night he was the only US defender who, on an island, stood up their attacker. Both Gonzalez and Franklin failed to close down a number of times. Lloyd consistently did. Rating: 5

I’ll find the quote, but Bob Bradley confirmed he saw the same thing in the presser. I think Lloyd might have a lower ceiling than any USMNT fan pining for a leftback would like, but if you’re an FC Dallas fan, you have a fine MLS defender on your hands.


This news is a couple of weeks old, but another DBJ blurb was posted yesterday about season ticket sales up 300%....the most important part is bolded

FC Dallas season ticket sales have increased 300 percent, compared with the same time period last year, said Doug Quinn, president and CEO of the Frisco-based soccer club.


With 25 people working ticket sales, and a concentrated effort on the sales front by the franchise, it's no wonder ticket sales are booming, Quinn said.


While this is great news for the club, it's nearly as much of an indictment of how bad things were last year at this time where there was just 7 people selling tickets. When people criticized FCD attendance last year, I was always quick to stick up for those working within the company simply because with that small of a staff it's impossible to sell a 20,000 seat stadium. Don't be surprised at all to see a few sellouts at Pizza Hut Park this season. 

Keep reading for some FCD Alumni news and more

Anyone remember Ricardinho? The little Brazilian forward has moved to a new team in Brazil from FC Tokyo.


Graham Couch of the Kalamazoo Gazette, a personal favorite of mine,writes that Eric Alexander's national team experience was "surreal"

“It was pretty surreal,” the former Portage Central High School and Kalamazoo Outrage star said. “Obviously for me, the last four months soccer-wise has gone ridiculously well. And at this point, I’m about to start my second season in MLS, so this is kind of like the end of my year and just to end it by putting on a U.S. National Team jersey and being able to represent my country ... there’s like no emotion almost, because it’s something I’ve never felt before.”


“It’s almost a load off my shoulders,” Alexander said of beginning training camp Monday already under contract. “But it’s no excuse not to go down there and work hard. I’m going to go in with the same mentality as last year even though I’m already signed.”