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Big D Soccer is now on Facebook

I've finally gotten with the times and created a facebook page for the blog. I've added a widget for the page that you can find by scrolling down a bit and looking on the right side of the screen. Go ahead and click that like button(the one down on the bottom right of the screen, not the one next to the tweet button directly under this post) to get alerted of new posts as they happen and learn the news before all your friends....unless your friends like Big D Soccer. Then you've got awesome friends and they'll learn the news at the same time you do. 

If those instructions were too confusing just go here directly to the Facebook page. 

I'll be posting stuff for us to argue about while we are secretly on Facebook at work as well as giving away tickets and other cool stuff as we hit milestones of people who like the blog so get yourself and your FC Dallas loving friends in.