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Post 2011 MLS Draft Thoughts

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The dust has cleared a little bit on what was a wild 2011 MLS Draft with the shock selection of Omar Salgado(brilliant considering the draft was in Baltimore) #1 overall and multiple trades. 

FC Dallas ended up with a couple of players that fit the bill of what we talked about in the pre-MLS draft thoughts.


Bobby Warshaw. While this selection doesn't have the upside of a Michael Tetteh or John Rooney, Warshaw provides exactly what FC Dallas needs and that is quality, young depth for their center backs and Daniel Hernandez in the midfield. As we talked about last week, Schellas loves four year starters and Warshaw should be able to step in right away and make contributions from the substitute bench. We'll take a closer look at Warshaw tomorrow. I thought it would be Tetteh or McCarthy right before the pick was announced so I'm not going to say I called this one, buuuuut

Speaking of McCarthy...I'm going to be really eager to pick Schellas' brain on how they decided between Warshaw and McCarthy as it was pretty clearly between those two players. In the end, it likely came down to Warshaw being a player that Gorman was more familiar and someone who would be easily coachable and hop on the bus. That's not to say McCarthy wouldn't have, but Gorman had to be more familiar with Warshaw's mental make up. 

I think once you get a good player, once you get a soccer player who has a soccer brain, if they have the athleticism, they can adapt. Eric (Alexander) and Zach (Loyd) are two prime examples... Versatility and a player that buys into that is of great value to us.

Keep reading for Schellas' strategy of roster building and more

It's really becoming clear what Schellas' strategy is for roster building. Young, American talent in the defense and defensive midfield while he brings in more veteran, international signings to play the attacking roles. With the imminent signing of a European attacking midfielder and their search for a starting quality forward, it's pretty obvious where he likes his players from.

Loyd, Ihemelu, Pearce, John, Jackson, Warshaw, Davies...The players are there for a great, young(and relatively cheap) defensive unit that should stay together for awhile. A huge amount of credit goes to Schellas, Ellinger and Gorman for assembling this group of defenders almost all under the age of 25. 

Charlie Campbell and Scott Gordon...I'm not going to lie, these guys are complete unknowns to me and we'll really just have to wait and see in pre-season what these guys have got. Campbell was a starter for the NCAA runners-up so he's clearly got lots of talent and played for a winner. Gordon is 6-4 190(!) and Gorman described him as more of a project. Is there room for a project on this roster with all the home grown players? We'll just have to wait and see, but don't write off a 3rd round draft pick. 

We'll have a lot more in-depth look at the players in the coming days as we count down until the start of pre-season. 

17 days