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FC Dallas Wednesday News and Notes

We're just about 24 hours away from the MLS Superdraft in Baltimore where FCD picks #17 overall. 

The biggest news of the day so far is the FC Dallas Twitter announcement that a new player signing will be announced today. Could it be the mystery European midfielder? 


WV Hooligan AKA Drew Epperley is everywhere these days and he broke down the MLS draft for the FC Dallas website. Drew and I used to work in the same north Dallas office story right?


Steve Hunt has a draft needs related story up on FS Southwest. There's a few good nuggets in there. 

But during a phone conversation on Monday, Hyndman didn’t rule out trading up, which means anything is possible. But if FCD stands pat at 17, then they could have their pick of either Justin Meram from Michigan or Jason Herrick of Maryland should they still be available. 


FC Dallas will scrimmage the University of Memphis on March 20.


We'll be back later when the news breaks about the player signing.