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Re-Entry Draft Chat

Future teammates?
Future teammates?

Tomorrow's a big day in MLS as the first ever re-entry draft is being held. For all you lawyer types out there, here's how the re-entry draft works...In a simpler way, it's basically certain veterans who meet requirements on years in the league+age and do not have their 2011 contract option picked up are eligible to be selected by other teams at whatever their contract number will be. I still don't completely understand it myself, but that's the gist of things.

Unlike the waiver draft, there's some pretty juicy names on this draft list...

Read on to see the draft order and who FCD could be taking

For a comprehensive list of players available in the draft click here and to see Bobby Rhine's analysis click here

FC Dallas will pick 15th in the draft, though that can be skewed because many teams will not be selecting anyone. 

Juan Pablo Angel 

The name that stands out most among the list of available players is Colombian Juan Pablo Angel. The man with 61 goals in four seasons for New York is a player many, myself included, have called for Dallas to sign in the offseason. With 13 goals and 4 assists for New York, it's clear that the 35 year old still has what it takes to compete in the league and the combination of playing on FCD's grass with the Colombian contingent in Frisco could re-energize Angel's career. 

The biggest problem with Angel, of course, is the nearly $2million salary. You can't say JPA hasn't earned it in his four seasons in New York, but it's still more than 4 times what HSG has been willing to pay for one player in team history. However, I think it's worth the risk  because Angel would be a perfect addition to a Dallas lineup that's only glaring hole is a pure finisher up front. Ruben Luna is still a year away from starting on this team and what a perfect player for the youngster to emulate. Schellas Hyndman has spoken multiple times about his admiration for JPA so we'll see what happens with this one....If you can re-negotiate his contract would you do two years of JPA at $1mil each? Lots of variables with this one, but he's a piece that can turn FC Dallas from a good team to a great team.

Khari Stephenson

The Jamaican only played a handful of games for San Jose as a mid-season signing but Stephenson made a big impact on the Quakes. A big, strong player, not unlike Atiba Harris, who can play in multiple positions across the midfield, Stephenson would come at a slightly steep price of around $175K. He's another player that will likely be picked in phase 2 of the re-entry draft where players can re-negotiate contracts. 

Ryan Cochrane

Schellas has spoken about his desire to possibly add one more defender and Ryan Cochrane of the Houston Dynamo wouldn't be a terrible choice. Cochrane, a starter on Houston's 2006 and 2007 championship teams has shown to have the ability to play at an extremely high level but has struggled in recent seasons to find his form. Perhaps a change of pace in Dallas could provide some quality defensive depth. 

Cochrane is only sitting on $100k this season so it's not an overwhelming number. A native of Portland, you've got to think he's likely to be picked by the Timbers if he falls that far. 

Joseph Ngwenya

The Zimbabwean forward has struggled to find his form in recent seasons, but as a 3rd of 4th forward at a reasonable cap number of around $75k, Ngwenya could be worth taking a look at. Joseph struggled for Houston this season scoring just once in 12 games, but he didn't get an offseason between the 2009 and 2010 moving back to Houston in April after playing in europe so perhaps it would be worth a flyer on a rested Ngwenya returning to decent form next season.

Cory Gibbs

Another defensive option for FCD could be the 2004 Dallas Burn Defender of the Year Cory Gibbs. The man who screwed over FCD in 2005 leaving abruptly after a "training session" at Feynoord, could be worth taking a look at. His cap number of around 125k isn't breaking the bank for a solid central defender who will push George John and Ugo Ihemelu while providing some veteran presence in the locker room. 


Those are just a few candidates...Anyone I haven't mentioned you think Dallas should take a look at?