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FC Dallas Release Cunningham and Sala to Re-Entry Draft

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

In news that's not terribly surprising, FC Dallas has declined to pick up the options on Jeff Cunningham and Dario Sala's contracts leaving them available for free in the MLS re-entry draft. 

What this means is if there is an MLS team willing to pay Jeff Cunningham his 2011 contract option with FC Dallas(somewhere in the vicinity of $225,000) or pay Dario Sala in the ballpark of $175,000 next season they can have them for free. 

What does this news mean to FC Dallas fans? Well probably not a whole lot when it comes to Dario Sala. I don't think even Sala would argue that his contract was way too high last season for what the team got(Sala was the 4th highest paid player on the team). There's almost 0 chance a team will want to take Sala at that cap number and there's still a decent chance that he returns to FCD next season at a number about half of where he is now. 

Read on to see what the future holds for Jeff Cunningham in Dallas

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Jeff Cunningham's contract wasn't picked up either, though there's certainly a decent chance he will be selected by someone in the re-entry draft. While JC9 is arguably the streakiest player in the league, a scoring record of 34 goals in 69 games cannot be ignored and at $225k a year you've got to think one of the newer sides wouldn't mind having a guy who will likely break the all-time league scoring record next season on their team.

You've got to think this likely spells the end of Jeff's time in Dallas, though we will find out for sure next Wednesday when the first MLS re-entry draft is held. Early next week we'll take a look at some of the names other teams are leaving exposed and if there's anyone Dallas should take a look at.