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Barcelona, Dynamo, Call-ups, and Marvin Chavez vs World Cup Winners

Say hi to Pique for us
Say hi to Pique for us

We're going to be taking a few days off for the holidays, but before that let's take a look at a few Dallas news items that we may have mentioned but haven't talked about..

Barcelona is coming! No I'm not talking about Dallas Cup, the full Barcelona team will be here on August 6 to play Club America at the Cowboys Stadium. This should be absolutely huge and a slam dunk sellout. One of the perks of running this website will be that I'll likely have a press pass for this one and can provide a bunch of coverage. 


FC Dallas will travel to Corpus Christi to face Houston on February 12 at Whataburger Field. There's no friendlies when these two teams face each other and I can't wait for this one. A great opportunity to take a little road trip down to Corpus and see the team play more than a month before the season starts.


Loyd, Alexander, Ugo and Brek called up to the National team for January Camp. Great stuff here as you can always tell the players in pre-season who went to national team camp. Expect these four guys to be at the top of their game heading into February and March.


Moises Hernandez called up to U20 National team. Moises Hernandez will be with the U20 National Team for a camp from Jan. 2 to 13th. This is a very strong squad being called in and a very important camp ahead of the CONCACAF U20 Championships being held in Guatemala in early April and then the U20 World cup in Colombia from July to August this summer.

Marvin Chavez on the same field with Pujol, Pique, Valdez and company? Jump for more information





Marvin Chavez started in Honduras' 2-1 victory over Panama and has been called into their friendly against Catalunya. It's like pulling teeth to find any information about this game, but I did find that Marvin Chavez started and Honduras won 2-1 on December 19th against Panama. 

Their next game is on Tuesday at a Catalunya side featuring players like Pujol, Valdes, Pique, Bojan and oh yeah you may have heard of their manager. Kickoff from the Montjuic is 12 PM Central time on Tuesday afternoon.