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One more news item

I'm hearing scuttlebutt from multiple people that this mystery European midfielder FC Dallas is after is playing currently in Ireland. Let the speculation begin....Could it possibly be this Guy? He certainly fits the mold of someone FCD would be looking for this winter. I love the MLS Hot Stove season.

Let the speculation begin....


Edit: In searching around to find possible candidates, I found this article that says Ryan Guy signed on for 2011 for St. Pat's so it's highly unlikely he's the mystery name. 

Edit #2: I think I may have found the mystery player...Irish club Bohemians is about to run out of business unfortunately and it looks like their best players are being let go for free. Paul Keegan is a 26 year old two way midfielder who has had trials at Reading and Doncaster Rovers in recent months.

In reading Bohemians message boards, they express a lot of surprise at him not catching on with a championship side and one poster mentions that he heard a rumor Keegan and another player, Brian Shelley could be taking a look at MLS(then go on to bash the league). Keegan was part of the Airtricity League XI that got squashed by Man United in the pre-season. 

This article makes it sound like the European signing is a done deal. 

As I said, let the speculation begin, anyone else care to do some research into the Airtricity League?