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FCD loses one, gains another on a busy day in MLS

Hopefully we won't be seeing this in the future.
Hopefully we won't be seeing this in the future.

After weeks of no major MLS activity, things boomed to life on Wednesday as expected with phase two of the Re-Entry draft. Scattershooting opinions on all the news from yesterday.

Chris Seitz is now an FCD player. I'm a huge fan of this move to bring in a young, developing goalie as Kevin Hartman's understudy. People forget just a couple of years ago Seitz was tabbed to be one of the national team keepers of the future and to get him for pretty much nothing is a good bit of business. 

I talked Scott Kessler over at Brotherly Game about him last night and he said Seitz is a keeper with immense talent who simply needs to get right in the head. Perhaps he was thrown to the wolves a bit early in Philly behind a defense that needed lots of time to gel and never quite got his confidence where it needs to be.

I can't think of a better situation for Seitz to develop than Dallas where he can get spot starts in USOC, Reserve League, CCL and the odd MLS game while learning from one of the best in Kevin Hartman with the thoughts of taking over in a couple years. 

Jeff Cunningham is on his way back to Columbus. It's been a great run for JC9 in Dallas and he will leave Dallas as the franchise's third all-time leading scorer in MLS at 33 goals in 66 appearances for the team...a remarkable scoring record. However, this is a move that might have relieved Schellas Hyndman. It was always going to be a very tough decision on what kind of salary number Jeff would have wanted and what number he deserved.

Cunningham will break the all-time MLS goal scoring mark next season, but despite his incredible goal scoring streak he just never really seemed to quite fit the style of play Schellas wanted from his forwards. Make no mistake, JC9 will be tough to replace, but I can't say I'm too torn up about this one. Let me be the first to say thank you to Jeff for making the second half of the 2009 season relevant for FC Dallas fans and bringing a good attitude to team...Cunningham did everything that was asked of him and will leave Dallas as someone every fan should cheer whenever he returns. 

Keep reading for lots more on the re-entry draft, where Dallas goes from here and what's significant about the number 1

1. The number of players left on the roster who have seen time on the field for FC Dallas under a different manager than Schellas Hyndman. A gold star to whoever can tell me who that player is. Schellas said during the season that this team is "85% his." I didn't take that at all to mean that he wanted Dax and Dario out of here, quite the contrary, but now this team is truly Schellas Hyndman's and you've got to say he's done quite a good job with things. 

The subtraction of Dax, Atiba and Jeff has freed almost $500,000 on the salary cap. With Brek and Avila coming off Generation Adidas, some of that money is used up, but there's tons of space to work with for FC Dallas. Priority #1 is signing David Ferreira to a long-term, designated player contract and after that FCD has got to find a #1 front line forward. It's a big blow in my opinion to lose out on a player like Juan Pablo Angel, but Hyndman's international signings have all been hits so he's earned some trust in this one. It could be squeaky bum time come March, however, if we're still wondering who that forward is going to be.

Speaking of Juan Pablo Angel...If Los Angeles hangs on to Donovan and Buddle next season, and I'm not sure they will, they're going to be absolutely stacked going forward. Juninho, Beckham and Donovan sending in service to Buddle and Angel? Yikes, that's scary good. Now let's just wait and see if they can fit it all under the salary cap while keeping a competent defense. We've seen what happens to teams with great offenses and porous defenses. 

Overall I think yesterday was a good day for FC Dallas. They improved at a position they needed to at a low cost while having someone else make a tough decision for them with regards to Jeff Cunningham. What's clear is it doesn't look like FC Dallas is too interested in improving their team from within MLS so keep on the look out for international signings. 

What do you think? Are you worried that FCD only has two real forwards on their roster at this point? It's clear that right now FC Dallas is not as good as they were last season, but do you trust Schellas?