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Dax McCarty and Atiba Harris Selected in MLS Expansion Draft

Two starters let go for nothing
Two starters let go for nothing

Two starters from the 2010 Western Conference Championship FC Dallas team will have new addresses next season.

UPDATE: McCarty traded from Portland to DC United for Rodney Wallace and a fourth round draft pick

You wonder now if FCD could have traded McCarty before the draft and gotten something back for him...I'd imagine the quick turnover from MLS Cup to Expansion draft didn't help, but it seems like Dallas dropped the ball on this one. 

Unsurprisingly, Dax McCarty was picked #1 overall by Portland. Losing Dax is not the end of the world, especially if Schellas is planning on switching the formation next season, but to give him up for nothing and also protect Daniel Hernandez after that is a pretty bad decision for me.

There was no chance that Daniel Hernandez would get picked and Dallas would have been smarter to protect either Harris or Avila.

In the second round, Atiba Harris was selected by the Vancouver Whitecaps. It sucks to lose Atiba Harris, but let's wait a day or two and see if he is sent back to Dallas before judging that one.

Very nice to still have Avila on FC Dallas though. 

Opinions on how the expansion draft went? A few VERY interesting decisions from Portland selecting Findley and Bornstein, but I love the rest of their picks.