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Tuesday Morning Reading

RIP SLC? We'll find out on Saturday.
RIP SLC? We'll find out on Saturday.

It's kind of the calm before the storm right now for FC Dallas as they take Tuesday off before training Wednesday and Thursday in advance of heading to Salt Lake City. Not a ton of news, but some recaps worth reading are around with some good content from my fellow SBN bloggers

The excellent Shin Guardian blog has an interesting game recap up with a quote from Daniel Hernandez I haven't seen anywhere else. 

“I just saw him win the header, 100%” Hernandez said of the [Atiba Harris] play.  ”I think has been a problem, always, is he gives a red card to compensate and look for a reason to give us a red card.”

RSL Soapbox has his MLS Playoff Power Rankings up with our favorite team at #1

It is hard enough to beat the defending champion in the playoffs, it is even harder to give up an early goal and being tied with 4 shots on goal with them, but FC Dallas did that.

Steve Davis has a playoff recap up on with some interesting stuff from the FCD game

"Now all the pressure is on them," Hernandez said. "We're not going to go in there looking for a tie. We're going in looking for a win."

Read Jeremiah Oshan's playoff recap and get learned up on all the happenings around the league from last weekend

The reality is, all four series head into their second legs with very much still to be decided with no team having the combination of looking dominant and having the score to show for it.

Historically speaking, one-goal leads, in and of themselves, have not been particularly relevant. Of the 13 MLS series that have finished the first leg with a one-goal margin (since 2003 when MLS went to two-game aggregate), seven of the teams that were trailing came back to win.

Tim Keeble writes No Morales, big problem for RSL

"He's a big factor for them," FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman said of Morales. "He's the one that pulls the strings. It's nothing different than having a loss of David Ferreira for us. It was a huge loss for them but they are a good team, a team that doesn't lose very often at home."