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FCD on front page of two sections of Dallas Morning News

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For those of you that have a subscription to the DMN, make sure to check out the Metro section today with a front page article on FCD fans meeting the team at the airport on Monday. 

"They [the Galaxy] had the best record in the league this season, so beating them is really huge. It's just like beating the Yankees," said Melinda Wedding of McKinney, 36. "We beat [Landon] Donovan, we beat [David] Beckham."

A season-ticket holder of seven years, she knows the team's staff and ticket representatives by name. Like many FC Dallas supporters, Wedding feels she has a personal relationship with the club.

The players are nearly always accessible after games to sign autographs and interact with fans, Wedding said, and FC Dallas hosts a yearly Meet the Team night where season-ticket holders can hang out, and play soccer tennis and video games like Guitar Hero with team members.

"If you're an FC Dallas fan, you've connected somewhere that is deeper than just a winning record," she said. "There are a lot of people that the average fan gets to meet and interact with that you couldn't say that if you're a Cowboys fan."


Also, Daniel Hernandez is featured on the front page of the sports section in a story about howthey're hoping to win the championship for Daniel's brother Nico

If you don't have a subscription, take the time this afternoon to go buy a copy and let the Dallas Morning News know that you appreciate the coverage. 

A crazy work day is limiting my blogging today, but stay tuned for the first installment of my travel blog as I head to Toronto tomorrow morning.