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FC Dallas at LA Galaxy Western Conference Final

The jacket is in Los Angeles
The jacket is in Los Angeles

In just over 3 hours, FC Dallas will take the field in the franchise's first conference final in over a decade.

At stake for Dallas is a trip to their first ever MLS Cup as well as a spot in next year's Concacaf Champions League. 

About the only thing I can compare my current nervousness to is the 15 minutes before I proposed to my fiancée.

Sorry for the short preview, but life and work get in the way. They won't tonight...I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow morning after FCD advances. 

Game Keys

-Somehow, someway get Jeff Cunningham involved. It's going to be very tough to shutout the Galaxy, that's for sure. However, 2 goals could definitely win this game and to score twice on the Galaxy, Cunningham has to be involved early and often.

-No stupid fouls/corners. I'm looking at you, Daniel Hernandez and Atiba Harris. Los Angeles is a team that shouldn't beat Dallas from the run of play. However, the set pieces are a big advantage to the Galaxy. Must minimize those.

-Run run run run Force every Galaxy player to defend from start to finish. Donovan and Beckham can't beat you on the counterattack if they're busy defending players like Shea and McCarty. FCD has to retain possession, pass the ball around and play the occasional ball over the top to streaking players like Shea and Chavez when he comes in.


I can't get around the fact that FC Dallas hasn't lost with Hartman in goal since May. LA is every bit as good as Dallas, but they are not nearly as dominating at home as Salt Lake was and we saw what happened to them. I think this game goes to extra time and from there it's who wants it more. Chavez makes the difference with his speed earning a chance that Ruben Luna finishes. 

1-1 after 90 minutes, FCD wins 2-1 AET

If you don't have a place to watch the game yet(and this really is a game you should watch with other FC Dallas fans), feel free to head over to the brand new Allen Wickers in Plano. I went there last week and it was a great experience. I'll be there again this week with probably over 100 Inferno/El Matador members...Park and 75 in Plano