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Thursday Forum...Regarding Milos Krasic

Milos Krasic, World Cup star for Serbia....diver.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Milos Krasic, World Cup star for Serbia....diver. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to the Thursday Forum, a new feature on Big D Soccer. The last thing I want for this blog to be is something where it's simply one man posts and everyone else reads. I want this to be a place for all Dallas(and SB Nation) soccer fans to interact and the Thursday Forum intends to foster that. Each week, I'll put forward a hot topic in the soccer world to be discussed whether it's the latest in MLS or around the world.

This week, we discuss the merits of the shifty Serbian Milos Krasic. 

The 25 year old Juventus winger, hailed by many as the next Pavel Nedved, has been suspended two games by the Italian Football League(imagine that) for this ridiculous dive against Bologna. This is the sixth time the Italian federation has suspended a player after the fact for diving, 

When I saw this, a huge red flag went up in my mind....not about the dive, that's indefensible, but the fact that he was suspended days after it happened. Now perhaps I'm a little more lenient to diving than most, Carlos Ruiz is one of my favorite FCD players of all time, but it seems like an extremely slippery slope for leagues to retroactively suspend players for diving.

Read on to see why I think retroactive suspensions are absolutely the wrong way to go and have your say

Nevermind that Iaquinta fluffed the penalty, there's little doubt that in the end justice has been served in this situation, but is diving something that should be retroactively suspended? Sure, there's absolutely 100% bang on dives like the one Krasic took, but where is the line drawn?

In such a fast, physical sport(despite what Mark Schlereth might have you believe), is it really possible to say what is a dive that deserves punishment and what is simply a mild embellishment? 

We give referees and linesman the responsibility of determining fouls, penalties and offside call for a reason. I'm 100% for punishments as harsh as a red card to be given to players who have been determined to be conning the referee, but should a player be suspended 2 games for what would be a yellow card in the game situation had the ref made the correct decision?

This also brings up the question of whether you only punish situations that happen inside the penalty area. Dives and embellishment happen all over the field. Are we saying here that a dive in the penalty box is worse than a dive at the center stripe? Is there any difference between a dive a foot outside the box and a foot inside the box? 

Bringing retroactive video replay and subsequent suspensions into soccer is absolutely the wrong decision. We must trust the referees to make the correct decisions and have the guts to call out dives when they happen. Suspensions after the fact will only cause more controversy and problems than the current system and will not solve the problem of diving in soccer. 

What do you think? Should diving be punished even more harshly than this? Is there another solution with perhaps the fourth official having access to video replay?