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George John likely to Return this Weekend

The biggest news on this Wednesday morning (Besides Michael Bolton getting ripped on Dancing With the Stars) comes from Steve Hunt who is reporting George John is likely to return this weekend.

"I think he’ll be a questionable player, but there’s a [good] possibility we’ll get him out this weekend," Hyndman said on Monday

In Schellas Hyndman speak, that means if he doesn't have any setbacks in training this week he will go on Saturday, most likely in Kyle Davies place while Jackson will remain in the defensive midfield role.

The return of George John to the lineup is huge for Dallas as he provides the leadership that other reserves don't and is a much bigger threat offensively on set pieces.

Steve has been cranking out the stories lately and also has one up in which Schellas praises Jeff Cunningham. Jeff isn't speaking to the media until he breaks the goal scoring record, so here's to hoping he breaks it this weekend.

"I just talked to Jeff and said this was the best game I’ve seen you play since last year," Hyndman said on Monday. "For whatever reason — the temperament, the lack of confidence or the playing time or just the uncomfortable feeling — I don’t think we’ve seen the best out of Jeff this year."

Steve also writes that Edson Edward's MLS debut was a bit of a homecoming. Even though he'll probably never play again, I'm happy the guy got a runout. If he doesn't make the squad next year, he can always try out as a linebacker for the Cowboys.

"I thought [Edward] did well," Hyndman said. "That was his first opportunity to play. He’s got the confidence of the coach to not only take him on the trip but to put him in."

Kyle Davies is finally getting healthy and contributing to the team.

"Its been probably a year since I’ve played 90 minutes," Davies said. "To get 90 minutes in was definitely a nice feeling. I feel good, obviously a little bit tired, but that’s to be expected."

And finally, Larry David's feelings about math...