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A Couple Thoughts on the Thierry Henry Punishment

After hearing that Henry has been fined $2,000 but not suspended, I was originally angry...not surprised by still angry as I held out hope that maybe MLS would do the right thing.

Hartman wasn't immediately available to comment, but his agent, Ron Waxman, was furious.

"The members of the disciplinary committee should be embarrassed and ashamed," he told the Insider. "It's either no punishment or there must be a suspension. I'm sorry to discover that they've established a double standard for the treatment of their marquee players as opposed to the treatment of their rank and file."

In fining Henry, MLS managed to pretty much hit the worst of both worlds and admit that the referee got it wrong and should've sent Henry off, but didn't have the guts to do it themselves retroactively. Had they not fined him, at least the league would've stood by their ref.

However, after having a bit of time to chew on this, I think this could be the best thing to happen to FC Dallas. Every coach wants to create that "us against the world" mentality for their team and this is exactly the ammunition Schellas Hyndman needs to light a fire under his troops. Something along the lines of "Go out and win every game while Kevin is out and when he comes back we show MLS what we're made of." I'm sure Schellas could do it better though...he is a kung fu master after all. There's also the small bit that FCD needs New York to get something out of the game in LA this Friday night to help Dallas' Supporter's Shield chances and having Henry on the field obviously improves those chances.

Equally not surprising is the news that Brek Shea will be suspended an additional game. Not the end of the world to give Marvin Chavez a run out for the next couple of games and let Brek clear his head. Something tells me he will come back an even stronger player against Chicago in a couple of weeks time.

What do you think about the "punishment"? Total bull? The right move?