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FC Dallas 2 New York Red Bulls 2

Whew, what a game. There's been a couple of stinkers the last two games where it's a bit tough to find thing to write about...not tonight.

Game Thoughts

-I'll lead off with the incident that everyone will be talking about tomorrow morning. Was it an accident when Henry kicked Hartman? It's really tough to tell. I'm not going to say definitively one way or the other, but it was 100% reckless and 100% Henry's fault. He can apologize all he wants while it's Hartman who could be out for the season(Don't take this to mean I know anything about the extent of the injury because I don't). A stupid, foolish play by a veteran who should know better and should be suspended.

-There's a lot more positives to take from this game than negatives. The biggest was, of course, Eric Alexander. The kid from Indiana outclassed Rafa Marquez the entire night and earned the respect of all his teammates. Huge credit goes out to the coaching staff for drafting this of the pieces that could put this team over the top and quality depth if nothing else.

-FC Dallas fans can rest easy if Daniel Hernandez is out for very long because Alexander and Dax played off each other very fluidly. Both can occupy the central midfield role and cover for each other excellently. Very, very encouraging for the future...

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-The one negative from the game...Brek Brek Brek you've got to be smarter than that. I think without any back story that foul is a yellow card(in the EPL I'm not even sure that's a foul), but after jawing with the refs you can't just sprint 30 yards and do that. He let his team down and probably cost Dallas 3 points. It's certainly something he'll learn from and all part of the growing process, but it cost Dallas the game tonight.

-I know we already touched on it, but Dax doesn't look like he's missed a beat. He will certainly get the start next Wednesday against New England and the ginger ninja looks bang on form. What a huge lift to the team...

-Great to see Milton bag a goal at home. Hopefully this sets him on a nice little run.

-Dallas may not have gotten the result, but for anyone who has been through the wilderness of 2008 and 2009 I think it's safe to say we have made it out the other end. An electric crowd, a team that wouldn't give up no matter what the adversity and everything you could ask for in a game. PHP was alive tonight and it was straight up legitimate.

-8 PM kickoffs.....greatness. If I had one thing I could suggest to Doug Quinn to change next season, it would be 8PM kickoff. Every other major sport lets out around 10PM. It's not going to hurt ticket sales at all and it helps the crowd atmosphere immensely.

-Huevos, Cajones, Brass it whatever you want but this team has got 'em.

-We don't get a whole lot of comments around here, but I'd love to hear what others took from this game as there were enough talking points to fill up a month.

No links tonight, get some sleep...