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MLS rosters expanding to 30 players in 2011?

According to Schellas Hyndman today at practice, with the 34 game schedule next season comes the news that rosters will be expanding to 30 players.

"The roster is going to be extended...were at a 24 man roster and with home grown players we've put ourselves really at a 26 man roster and next year it's going to be a 30 man roster. So our league was very sensitive to the fact that we're going to ask you to do more games but we want you to have more players."

EDIT: What this means to the senior roster is yet to be determined and how many spots that will grow, however. It will be interesting to see if MLS forces teams to have a certain amount of HG players on the 30 man roster....It's likely to be either a 26 or 28 man senior roster with the home grown players added on.

Much more coming from Schellas later including opinions on the treatment of David Ferreira and what went down in Toronto.