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FC Dallas in Preliminary Talks with Frisco ISD

Tobias Lopez checked in with his second article for today and it was based around the MLS Academy structure. It's a good article worth reading and has some rare quotes from Dan Hunt.

We knew an FC Dallas residency program was something that was going to be looked at in the future, but this article has the first confirmation from Dan Hunt that FC Dallas has already entered preliminary talks with the Frisco ISD about starting what would be the second MLS residency program after Real Salt Lake's in Arizona.

Hunt proposes an intriguing marketing tool to brand a club specifically with a local angle. However, the vision doesn't stop there.

Hunt has already engaged in preliminary meetings with the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) about setting up class schedules for a residency program. This move would allow teenagers to live in dorms at Pizza Hut Park and attend classes in the Frisco public school system.

There's a lot of good FC Dallas centric stuff in the article, so check it out.