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A Good Night for FC Dallas in the USOC Semifinals

I was fist pumping all over the place last night when Columbus came from behind to beat DC United last night and Seattle beat down Chivas 3-1 to book their spot in the championship game.

Why you ask?

Well a Columbus vs Seattle Open Cup Final is great for FC Dallas' odds of getting into the Concacaf Champions League next season. You see, the four CCL qualifiers are the USOC winner, MLS Cup winner, MLS Cup runner-up and the Supporter's Shield winner. If any of the spots overlap, i.e. MLS Cup winner wins the Supporter's Shield, then the spot goes to the team with the second place points total for the season and so on.

Seattle isn't going to be so much help, but if Columbus can manage to take home the Open Cup, that will likely free up a qualifying spot as the Crew are certainly favorites to win the East.

Of course, FCD could just win the Supporter's Shield or get to MLS Cup and this is all moot....hey it's a slow news day, gotta find something to talk about.