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R.I.P. FC Dallas Blog

New FC Dallas President Douglas Quinn made a post on the soon-to-be defunct FC Dallas blog announcing the end of

It's a move that has probably been coming for a long time as the blog lately has simply been a conduit for posting the in-house produced videos as well as training schedules. Frankly has been pretty much useless for close to a year now, but I'll still be sad to see what was once an MLS trendsetter be de-activated.

Anyone who has been a fan of FC Dallas for a few years now has no doubt spent hours of entertainment reading the 100+ comment bitch-fests during the awful 2008 season and the ridiculous digital lynching of Bruno Guarda through the 2009 season.

Hopefully, this ushers in a new era for where the most basic of things like standings and the next FC Dallas game are posted on the front page of the website. The new training updates have been a great addition and reason to have hope for the future.

For now, I'll pour a little bit of my beer at the next FC Dallas home game on the ground in remembrance of and for anyone who misses the old days and wants to bring back the insanely ridiculous comments....always remember bigdsoccer will never censor you(except negative comments about the University of Oklahoma).