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English Premier League scattershooting

With the only real meaningful FC Dallas bits of the morning being the news that Columbus is leaving behind some of their stars for the Champions League trip to Santos Laguna ahead of the big game this weekend, I figured now is the best time to start our European soccer coverage at Big D soccer. This is hardly the site to visit to stay updated on the daily happenings in Europe, but my plan is to alternate weeks looking at the Premier League(Fulham) and Bundesliga(Bayern Munich), the two leagues and teams I follow the closest, while mixing in some Champions League and La Liga intermittently.

Scattershooting thoughts on the first couple of weeks of the premiership after the jump.

-Fulham's 2-2 display against United on Sunday leaves fans assured there will be no letdown with the new manager so long as he keeps the same team together. Roy Hodgson instilled a confidence in those players and they know what they're capable of together no matter who the manager is. Keep the same squad intact(not too many purchases Mr. Hughes) and success will continue

-Sure the Hicks/Gillette group is plenty to blame for the problems at Liverpool, but Rafa Benitez horrible purchases in the last couple of seasons have been just as much to blame for Liverpool's downfall. Almost 40 million combined on Glen Johnson and Aquilani while letting Xabi Alonso go for below market value. I'm sure that this is not news to Liverpool fans, but what a disaster at Anfield. Roy Hodgson will turn things around if he's given enough time....that's a big "if".

-It's great to have Newcastle back...sending a team like Hull down to bring up Newcastle is a win for anyone who enjoys watching Premiership soccer. Next up is Leeds

-For further proof of just how meaningless the pre-season is, Chelsea loses 4 of 5 pre-season matches and has 12 goals for 0 goals against after two games. I know it's early and they've played inferior competition, but nothing is stopping Chelsea from cruising to the title this season.

-It's nice to have a reason to wake up on Saturday mornings again...

Give me some of your thoughts on the first couple of weeks...Could Liverpool be headed for another season outside the Champions League?