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Thursday MLS Links

We're still a couple of days away from the big game vs Chivas, so there's not a ton out on the game yet, but there is plenty of hilarity from around the rest of the league.

First off the FCD stuff that we have

Training report from FCD's Jason Minnick from're not going to see anything you didn't see in mine, but hey I'll link it ;)

Big Steve Hunt tells us that Schellas Hyndman has big plans for Jackson.

"Getting Jackson on was getting another defender on because he’s really another fullback," Hyndman said. "We had him play the wing midfield because he can, but more importantly, he was there for fresh legs and also to stop that diagonal ball [D.C. switching ball to the right side]."

Lots more MLS links after the jump including MLS dominance in Concacaf Champions League last night and some ridiculous behavior from Panamanians...

The CCL match between RSL and Arabe Unido turned into a complete farce last night with the Panamanians spending the entire second half on the ground. Full credit to the ref who put on EIGHT minutes of stoppage time to counteract that. RSL got a deserved penalty in second half stoppage to win the game 2-1. RSL was dismayed at Arabe Unido's acting.

"I’ve played professional soccer for ten years," Morales said. "I’ve never played a game like today. I hope we don’t see it again."

Another report about the game

"I think tonight was in a microcosm everything that's wrong with our game. It was a game that wasn't managed properly from the very beginning, and it was always going to lead to what it led to," said Kreis. "I can't fault them for their tactics to sit back, especially after they scored a goal and they get an ejection, but then we've got to come up with a solution in our game where we're not having players laying on the ground every three minutes and letting them go off the field and letting them come right back on."

The Crew-RSL rivalry is still bubbling. Maybe they can create a fake cup to play for every year. Columbus comes off a bit whiny to me...

Crew keeper William Hesmer was heckled relentlessly and players heard insults that they said crossed the line, especially with children and ball kids present within earshot. One repeated barb referenced sexual conduct with of a member of Hesmer's family.

"The Nordecke is rowdy for sure," said one Crew player who did not want to be identified because he just wants "the whole thing to go away."

"But when they crossed the line against New England a couple of years ago, we as players came out and chastised them and said that was out of line. No one in Salt Lake seemed to think what occurred was out of line."

Chicago got a huge 2-1 win over New England last night that keeps them in the thick of the playoff race and probably dooms New England. Not surprisingly New England is angry at not getting a 50-50 penalty decision late in the game while Matt Reis whines about the condition of the field.

"All we want — if we’re going to lose games, we want to lose because of stuff we’ve done wrong or decisions we’ve made wrong,’’ Revolution coach Steve Nicol said. "That was taken out of our hands, there’s no two ways about it.’’

"You can see two huge divot marks where my feet were. The field was not in the best condition it’s ever been. It’s always soft but it was overly soft."

Back to work...