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Thursday morning stuff

Gameday in DFW and more Inter related stuff is popping up

The greatness that is Rainer Sabin, soccer nut, over at the Dallas Morning News has a few quotes from Rafa, Diego Milito and Javier Zanetti.

More stories including a hilarious quote from Messi on Barcelona's Korean adventure after the jump

The Inter Milan blog run by the FCD pr staff, which incidentally is better than the FC Dallas Blog ran by the FCD pr staff, has a few nuggets on the eve of the game. Perhaps the biggest is that the pitch has been repaired at PHP and "he(Benitez) called the pitch "fantastic," saying "if we do not play well here, we do not have any excuse."

Dario Sala drops some knowledge on his Argentine counterparts at Inter.

A bizarre update from Inter's english language website and some pictures from training yesterday. Apparently Dallas is known for Lance Armstrong, Nastia Liukin, Drowning Pool and our 2007 lost to the News England Revolution.

In addition to FSC, the game will be live on Sky Sports Italia.

In other news, Barcelona is currently in Asia touring right now, but the locals aren't too happy about how seriously the Catalans are taking this trip. They've left all their Spanish World Cup stars at home, and other stars like Dani Alves and Messi seem to be there in body only.

Dani Alves said that "Brazil played against Korea in the World Cup. They were a very good team". Messi, who actually did play against South Korea in South Africa, replied when asked for his first impressions of the country: "I didn't see much. I don't know where I am and what time it is. I'm too tired."

We've all been there after a long trip....back later with possible Inter lineup.