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Not FCD Related: Cuban Gives His Reasoning for Going after Rangers

But I would imagine 90% of the people who read/will read this blog are interested in the Rangers and Mark Cuban just wrote a long and intuitive response to why he was going after the Rangers. Give it a read, it's well worth it....Dear Mr. Cuban, please buy FC Dallas....

Finally lets talk about finances. Lets talk about the bonds I own. I have been getting a bunch of emails from reporters asking how much money I made on the bonds I own. Suggesting that I bid up the price of the Rangers in order to increase the value of the $2mm i spent on bonds. To all of you I offer a lesson in economics.

It is NEVER a good idea to risk hundreds of millions of dollars on the purchase of a team AND to spend what could come to more than a $1million in professional fees in order to increase the value of the $2mm you bought in bonds. I know its something for the media to talk about. But if any of you out there think it through, I dont want you to think i was stupid enough to do something that stupid.