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Wednesday Afternoon Update

Most of the news this afternoon is centered around Inter Milan who arrived at DFW early this morning after dropping a 3-2 result to Panathinaikos in Toronto last night. They'll be practicing out at PHP this evening at 6 and if you want to go watch just show up with your game ticket and they should let you in.

It's looking like we could see Mario Balotelli tomorrow night as his move to City could be dashed due to his ridiculous wage demands. Manchester City could be dodging a huge bullet with this one as Super Mario is probably more trouble than he's worth for the sky blues.

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Steve Hunt finishes his countdown of the top 10 games played in Dallas with Brazil 2 Netherlands 1 at the Cotton Bowl taking the top spot....can't really argue with that one.

Elsewhere, Buzz over at 3rddegree explains what the Inter match means to the metroplex and tells us that we will see Eric Avila and Dario Sala in the starting lineup tomorrow night. If Avila does indeed start tomorrow, this could be his last, best chance to push his way into the starting lineup before being traded.

We'll bring you a full preview tomorrow as well as players to watch for Inter besides the World Cup stars. For now, here's a song to get you through Wednesday afternoon.