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Road Trip Report: FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids Part 1

One of my favorite parts of being an FC Dallas fan is taking road trips around the country to follow the team. Since 2004 I've been to Kansas City around 5 times, Salt Lake, Chicago, Houston, Charleston, and Denver to see MLS/Open Cup games and my next trip was last weekend driving to Colorado for the game this past weekend.

Four of us -

hopped in a rented Chevy Cobalt that cost $53(!) to rent from Thursday night to Monday night and headed towards the Rocky Mountains. Joining me in the Cobalt was my fiancée Amy, her BFF Gina and Warren "the situ-asian"(credit for that line goes to Al Chia).

After navigating the brutal DFW traffic, we finally escaped the metroplex around 7PM and were on our way to Denver. We drove through the night and arrived at The Breakfast King, a Denver breakfast spot recommended by the father of the fiancée, around 7AM and recharged a bit. After a nice breakfast, we headed to our hotel a couple of miles from DSG Park with hopes that we could check in early and get a quick nap, but those dreams were quickly dashed and I was soon asleep on the couch in the lobby.

I was woken up about 15 minutes later and we headed to "Jack N Grill" home of the 7 pound breakfast burrito featured in Man vs Food to meet up with the rest of our traveling group. By the time we got there, the group was sitting on the patio and had already ordered their massive $15 breakfast burrito. The sheer size of that burrito was stunning.

After eating about 15% of the burrito before admitting defeat, the eight of us headed to Mount Evans with plans of driving on the highest paved road in North America, which I had informed the roadtrippers about probably ten times. Mount Evans, the tallest of the mountains easily viewable from downtown Denver, is about an hour drive out of town which passed by in what seemed like ten minutes. Our Cobalt trucked up the winding roads to Echo Lake at the bottom of Mount Evans, which, coming from 100 degree flatland of Dallas, was one of the most beautiful sites I had seen in years. Pictures don't quite do the whole scene justice, but here's one I took

After stopping at that lake for maybe a half-hour, we began the real journey which was navigating the twisting, rapidly elevating roads that take you to the top of Mount Evans. Fortunately, I wasn't driving up the mountain so I could gaze at the beauty without risking driving the car off the 3,000 foot cliffs we were driving on.

As we headed towards the top, we got closer to the clouds and things got considerably more dreary, cold, rainy and oxygen-deprived as you would expect. As we reached Summit Lake at over 12,000 feet, things were rainy and cold but we were determined to reach the top.

Stay tuned later this afternoon as Part 2 of the Road Trip Report will be posted featuring danger, intrigue, extreme oxygen deprivation and a couple of soccer matches mixed in.