United States MNT

Some quick thoughts on Jurgen Klinsmann


So what do we think about ol' Jay Goppingen?

USMNT roster for the 2018 World Cup


Who should be on the roster and go to Russia in 2018?

The collision of fansmanship and heartbreak


What does progress of United States soccer taste like? Right this second, it's not very pleasant.

USA-Belgium: Big TV Numbers

The game didn't just take the nation by storm, thousands showed up at watch parties around Dallas.

USA vs Belgium: Match Thread


Here is your match thread for today's game!

USA vs Belgium: Preview


With Jozy Altidore back, how can the US beat the pesky Belgian side?

On to Salvador for the United States


The journey and fun continue on the coast on Tuesday.

Advancing at the World Cup: Mission Accomplished


It wasn't pretty but in the end, the US took a big step forward on Thursday.

How the US can survive against Germany


How can the US survive and advance to the knockout round?

Three Thoughts From The US Draw With Portugal


In the blink of an eye, the US went from advancing out of the group to having to play a much more meaningful game on Thursday.

How The US Can Advance


The United States' draw with Portugal means they're not yet mathematically into the knockout stages. But they still stand a good chance of getting there.

Greetings from Manaus

It's hot. It's humid. It's game time.

US vs Portugal: Match Preview


Can Clint Dempsey keep the magic going for another game?

USMNT Notes: Pre-Portugal Game


Jozy Altidore ruled out for the Portugal game.

USA vs Ghana: Game Grades


Now that we've all processed that amazing finish in Natal on Monday lets look at the individual performances from the USMNT.

Chalkboard: Pragmatism Wins


Still not the possession based side we were hoping for, but does it matter?

Three Things From The US Win Over Ghana


A wild day in Natal saw the US come out on top.

World Cup, US vs Ghana: Preview


Bring on the death.

Controversy leads to opportunity


At least for a moment in time, controversy surrounding Landon Donovan being left off the USMNT roster can be turned into an important opportunity

USMNT vs Nigeria: Preview


One last test against the Super Eagles.

USMNT vs Turkey: Preview


How will the Yanks follow up a lukewarm performance?

Three Thoughts From The US Win


The diamond midfield was....interesting to say the least.

United States vs Azerbaijan Preview


Given the recent controversy, a win seems

Twitter Reacts! No LD in the Final 23


US Soccer abruptly dropped the Final 23-man roster for Brazil Thursday afternoon, and twitter went off the rails for one particular omission. This is a compilation of the best and most bizarre.

US Roster Revealed; Donovan Gets Cut


And the story is all about who isn't going and what it means.

USMNT Roster Battles For Brazil


30 for 23, but really the 23 is more like 6

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