What The Signing Of Erick Means For FC Dallas

I got plans folks...just stay with me. - USA TODAY Sports

Is Mauro Diaz off the table? What about an other deal?

I decided to break this news of FC Dallas signing Brazilian defensive midfielder Erick down into two separate pieces. It just seemed right to keep the news away from the opinion and gossip.

So here it goes...

What this means:

For starters, we can't get too worked up over this guy just yet. He is coming from a second division in Portugal, not exactly second division England or Germany. But I've been told that he is good friends with Jackson, which is how this deal got worked out.

Now the bigger item here. If Erick ends up working out this season you can pretty much kiss both Bobby Warshaw and Victor Ulloa good-bye in the offseason, or possibly before hand. Anytime you have guys that are down in the depth chart that aren't getting playing time and the club brings in someone that is in the same position it can only mean one thing, their days are numbered. I'm all for the roster competition here too.

I know some of you would love to throw Je-Vaughn Watson into that group but honestly, this signing is actually a good thing for him as it will allow Schellas Hyndman to play him further up in the attack when he is on the field, a place we know he is far better at.

If he is good:

He is friends with Jackson so there is one person we know he can play well with. But it is possible that if he ends up working out for the club in the long run that he could be the answer to getting Dallas truly to a 4-4-2 here that many of you have long desired to see out of this group. I wouldn't mind seeing it either if he is the right guy to clog up the middle of the field behind David Ferreira and keep him from getting hammered by other clubs in the middle of the park. That was always the issue with the 4-4-2.

A possible lineup like that would also mean that Michel would need to slide back into the defense pushing either Jair Benitez or Zach Loyd out of the defense. Neither one of those two players are on the greatest of form at the moment so that kind of move isn't out of the question here.

And if he is not good:

Then Hyndman doesn't have to change a darn thing. As long as the core group of players are healthy this season, we know this team can win games and earn lots of points.

What about Mauro Diaz?

I know a lot of you are asking, but what about Argentine midfielder Mauro Diaz? Well, hold your horses because my sources are telling me that deal is close to being done and could be announced next week as well.

Dallas has an extra international roster slot available, thanks to a deal with Columbus from a couple weeks ago. Also, Diaz will be a free transfer too so, that is key as well.

The transfer window officially opens up in the coming week, which will make the silly season come out in full force. Dallas is looking to improve in areas that they are the weakest at, mostly in the midfield.

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