FC Dallas Offseason

Should FC Dallas Partner with a USL Pro team?


With several MLS teams announcing a partnership of some sort or another, has the time come for FCD to consider their options for affiliation?

Pareja To Be Introduced Tomorrow


First round SuperDraft pick Tesho Akindele will also be available.

Toronto's Effect On Castillo's Contract


Toronto FC made news yesterday but they also currently have four DPs on their roster.

2014 Preseason Depth Chart


Time to look over each position and find the weak spots.

No Tampering Charges Filed By Colorado


The Rapids will not file tampering charges against FC Dallas over Oscar Pareja exit.

Another Club Wanting Fernadnez?

It seems that everyone wants Raul Fernandez in South America.

Dan Hunt Gets His Man: The Future for FCD?


FC Dallas has pried Oscar away from the Rapids after a long negotiation period. Is this the beginning of a new appraoch from FCD?

Official: Oscar Pareja Named Head Coach


After weeks of rumors, talking and more, the deal is finally official.

BDS News Update: Bradley, Span and more


First news update of the new year.

FC Dallas Wins Lottery For Brian Span

The midfield depth is increasing, ever so slowly as the preseason draws near.

FCD Enter Weighted Lottery For Cobi Span


The former UVA midfielder signed a deal with MLS today.

Sources: FCD and Pareja Reach Deal

Club also will buy out the remaining time on his contract in Colorado.

What To Expect When You're Expecting 2014


Does the current Dallas team have a chance to make the MLS Playoffs in 2014?

Report: Pareja Steps Down As Colorado Manager

It sounds like Dan Hunt will get his man after all.

FCD Stock Report: New Year's Edition

Who is up and who is down as FC Dallas goes into the new year.

Maurice Edu: Worth the 3rd DP slot?


Alfredo wrote about Jermaine Jones' potential value, but what about Maurice Edu? Jay covers Edu's recent history and whether or not MLS can help FCD afford a transfer fee.

Is Jermaine Jones a Good Fit for FCD?


Effective, experienced, but expensive, can FC Dallas afford JJ's services?

Loyd Re-Signs With FCD

The 2010 SuperDraft pick has signed a new deal with FCD.

New Year, Same Situation

Are you hitting the panic button today?

Off The Field Storylines For 2014


What will be the top stories of 2014 for FC Dallas?

Fernandez on the move?

Reports from South America suggest Fernandez is in talks with his old club.

FCD Roster Christmas Wish List


FC Dallas currently only a few open roster spots for 2014...so just how will they fill them?

FCD To Spend 1st Segment of 2014 Preseason in UAE


Dallas will be the first MLS team to train in Abu Dhabi.

FCD's 2014 Preseason Plans Include Florida Trip


FC Dallas is one of several MLS clubs that will be heading to the league's eastern preseason hub.

Reports: FCD Back On Pareja

ESPNFC.com sources say that FCD is back on the Pareja bus again.

FC Dallas Passes On Re-Entry Draft Stage 2

No pick made by FCD and no FCD player selected either.

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