FCD On Loan: Where Bradlee Baladez and Victor Ulloa Could Land

Steve Dykes

Fernando Clavijo recently hinted at loans for the two Homegrown players.

We've talked on here before about possible loans for some of the younger FC Dallas players. FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo has been hard at work at getting loans for at least two players, midfielder Victor Ulloa and forward Bradlee Baladez.

Both Homegrown players could be headed out on loan in the very near future. But the question continues to be where will both young players go?

Well, Clavijo did hint a little more recently on Third Degree as to a possible landing point.

"I've been talking on and off with a lot of coaches from different divisions in the U.S. and they come into a little bit of a break, which was good for them to start training," Clavijo said. "So, I really hope that something can happen in the next two weeks, to loan some of those guys for the rest of the season so they can get some games."

They key in that nugget is about how the teams are coming into a little bit of a break as Clavijo put it. So that naturally means it should be a NASL team. Currently the NASL is on a break between seasons as their spring session just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and the next season won't resume until early August, giving both players a chance to get acclimated to their new surroundings.

Possible landing spots include:

San Antonio: Naturally this is the most logical spot for either player. It is geographically the closest to Dallas and even though the history didn't work itself out last year with Ruben Luna, there is a good chance that one or both of these players will go there.

Fort Lauderdale: First off, Clavijo has a history with this club as his former employer Traffic Sports runs this club. Second of all, the two sides played in the US Open Cup this year and probably struck up some conversations during the team's visit to South Florida. For Lauderdale was also the worst team in the NASL during the first 2013 season, going 2-8-2. The only hang-up with this one is that the Strikers are currently without a head coach (or they are close to naming one). That may be a stumbling block to getting a player loaned there.

Atlanta: The spring champions for the NASL seem like the less likely landing spot but you just never know with these things. One or both could end up working really well there under Eric Wynalda, who is the technical director of this club.

USL-Pro: We could still see one of them go to a USL side but without one geographically close, it doesn't make total sense to me at this point to send them down to one of those clubs.

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