The Splendid and Substandard: Independence Bliss

Yes, Blas. We are happy too! - Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas finally gets a win in front of a sellout crowd on July 4th

The Splendid

V for Victory

FC Dallas has finally done it. For the first time since 2009, the Hoops have come away victorious on the glorious Independence Day holiday. It is about time FCD was able to cash in on a sellout crowd. The importance of winning those games with the highest attendance numbers in the season cannot be overstated. One or two families can feel the adrenaline of an FC Dallas win under optimal conditions and that leads to continuous growth in the attendance category we so desperately desire here in Big D. Great win for the Hoops, even if it was not the best performance.

Blas-o and Tesho

The blossoming partnership between Super Raton and Tesh.0 (FC Dallas Marketing gets the credit for this one) has been a revelation over the past couple of games. What Blas Perez lacks in pace, Tesho Akindele makes up for it. What Tesho lacks in finishing expertise at such a young age, Blas makes up for it with his experienced, clinical demeanor. What you also get with those two monsters up top is two relentless forces prowling the opposition defenses for any mistakes, missteps, or letdowns. You can expect 100 percent effort from both of those individuals when they are on the field and that is what makes their combination so brilliant. Beginning the season, you would never have thought it would be these two leading the striker corps, but Tesho has played well and meshed brilliantly with Blas, something that I would have not seen coming if you asked me a few months ago. As Blas Perez's career continues to wind down, he needs to have players that compliment his abilities. I truly believe Tesho and Blas can do some damage together in the second half of this season. I believe in Super Teshton.

Welcome the Magician

Mauro is back! He looked sharp with his brilliant through balls and low center-of-gravity against Philadelphia. With a sizable rest available after the USOC match with Philly, Mauro Diaz could be looking at full fitness in the middle of July. As soon as Castillo returns from suspension, the rest of the league should quiver. Look out, MLS.

The Substandard

Keeper Depth

FC Dallas sold Richard Sanchez last week to Tigres and many of us applauded the move for Richard's sake. He needed to get playing time. Fast forward one week later and Jesse Gonzalez will be on the bench for a key part of the season as FC Dallas lost goalkeeper Chris Seitz to a groin injury for at least six weeks. A position that looked stacked a couple of weeks ago is now down to one veteran and a teenage homegrown player. That worries me a little bit and puts a blemish on FC Dallas' stellar run of play of late.

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