Series History: It’s time for FCD to Win Again


FC Dallas are heavily favored with Colorado coming into town based on the past matches. FC Dallas have scored twice as many goals and won nearly 4 times as many games in Frisco in ratio to Colorado.

Series Win/Draw/Loss Stats:

Colorado Rapids have met FC Dallas on 59 occasions throughout MLS regular-season history and we finally have a match that heavily favors FC Dallas. FCD has won 28 times while Colorado has only won 20 times in these 59 matches, with 11 games left where the teams split points.

There have been 30 meetings in Dallas with 20 of them finishing in Dallas' favor and only 6 in Colorado's. These clubs have split points on only 4 occasions giving a huge advantage to Dallas coming into Saturday's match.

Series Goals Stats:

The Rapids have scored 73 goals in these 59 matches whereas FCD has scored 96 themselves. It looks like, based on this, Dallas could easily score 1 more goal than Rapids if the numbers prove right.

FC Dallas has scored 56 goals while playing at home against The Rapids, while Colorado has only notched 30 goals in 30 matches while visiting. FC Dallas definitely has an edge by scoring nearly twice as many while at home against Colorado.

Last Year's Match:

Last year we had only 1 match between these sides in Frisco (the other 2 were in Colorado) and it ended in a 1-0 win for FCD. Highlights are below.

Jackson scored the opening goal, which happened to be the only goal of the match, when Stewart Ceus mis-judged a ball played over the top and Jackson took the ball and simply tapped it into an open net. Matt Hedges highlighted the strong defense on the night that shutout The Rapids and earned FCD their first shutout of the season (we didn't have to wait 14 games last year... only 1.)

FC Dallas would be more than happy to have the same scoreline again this weekend as Colorado comes to town, but it will be a bit more tricky than that as FCD looks to find their first win in 8 matches.

Prediction Based on History:

History tells us Dallas will score twice as much as Colorado, but I'm going out on a limb a bit this week. I've got a feeling FCD will score 3 goals in this match, but also concede 1 as well for FCD's first win since April. 3-1 and we will all rejoice!

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